Mask detector

Substituting hours of human work by providing a video analysis detecting individuals wearing or not wearing a face mask


Mask wearing is one of the key measures the authorities take to limit the spread of the covid-19 virus. Entities are obliged to control face masks. This obligation is demanding extra manpower. The entities have no evidence of regulation compliance or violation.


We created a solution based on video analysis, which detects individuals wearing or not wearing a face mask. All in real time. Face masks are detected in live video streams or in uploaded video files. Our AI tool can recognize people, faces, face masks in a video with speed and accuracy much higher than a human controller. 


The solution has been deployed in various indoor and outdoor environments with different camera & scene setups. Mask detector brought relief to the overwhelmed staff, while ensuring the restrictions were respected and the spread of virus was reduced. Whenever used for analytical purposes, the solution provided reliable statistics about the amounts of people wearing masks in city squares or shopping centres.


OPC real estate


An AI system that helps the process engineers identify anomalies in energy consumption and review energy consumption outliers for specific production lines. That leads not only to a decrease of the energy consumption, but also to prevention of machine failure incidents.

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