Quality control for automotive components manufacturer

Quality control for automotive components manufacturer

Use case

Adient is the global leader in automotive seating solutions – from complete seating systems to individual components. The plant in Martin, Slovakia chose Cognexa as a solution provider for a major innovation – a machine vision system that significantly improves the operation of several departments at the company.


Our engineers worked with the customer’s expert to map out the underlying process and customize the solution’s functionality to address the business needs. The system is based on MIA (Manufacturing Image Analyzer) – a deep learning solution developed over the years at Cognexa.

Apart from automating the workflow, the solution detects subtle visual patterns with high resolution and accuracy and by far outperformed the former human operators. But more importantly, the consistency of evaluation is ensured 24/7, also resulting in high data integrity. The solution has been running in production since Q3/2020.


The solution brings substantial economic benefit, coming only partially from labor automation.
Plans of its further enhancements are underway. The plant in Martin is now viewed as an informal center of excellence within this strategically important domain and is regularly contacted by experts from other European plants.




Industrial machine vision solution for more efficient production.


Success of the project impacted several departments at the pilot site, significant step in the digital transformation.

Services delivered

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Marek Šebo
Founder & Solution Designer

Daniel Šemnický
Business development

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