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Multinational banking group

Receipts OCR & Line item classification for multinational banking group

We were working with one of the leading banking groups in Central Europe. In order to stay at the top of their game they always try to bring innovative solutions to the market.

  • Banking
  • Document Processing
  • Enterprise
  • Language
  • Mobile App
  • OCR
  • Segmentation
  • Visual AI
  • Workflow Automation
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Enhanced product functionality for a technology scaleup

High precision OCR technology for extraction of information from ID cards and documents.

  • API
  • Language
  • OCR
  • Scale-ups
  • Segmentation
  • Synthetic Data
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Visual volume estimation of pancreatic islets

Pancreatic islets are cell clusters containing beta cells essential in blood sugar regulation. In diabetic patients, the immune system misidentifies beta cells as dangerous and destroys them. Doctors are trying to cure this transplanting the islets.

  • Digital Pathology
  • MedTech
  • Segmentation
  • WebApp
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