We build the brain behind the camera. Building software capable of recognizing objects, characters and patterns and analyze images and videos.


We create the brains behind cameras

Recent advancements in deep learning algorithms and hardware development have significantly expanded the capabilities of AI-based machine vision systems. It can now be applied in a wide range of industries and processes such as identity authentication, defect detection in manufacturing, laboratory diagnostics, utility meter reading and many others. Our team is ready to help you discover the potential of machine vision AI in your business. The rule of thumb is: everything a human can analyze just by looking and thinking, computer can perform, too.

See more with video analytics

Artificial Intelligence analyzes video from camera systems, phone cameras and other sensors, working either in real time – possibly triggering alerts for specific events and incidents that unfold in the moment – or in post processing – performing advanced searches to facilitate forensic analysis tasks.

The rule of thumb is: everything a human can see on a video, a software can detect automatically allowing instant response.

Why work with Cognexa

Cognexa = top notch team + state of the art technology

Full-stack team of AI builders

Elite team with a track record in building and operationalizing AI solutions. Drawing from a pool of 140+ developers and AI specialists.

Technology know-how

We´ve been deploying AI solutions for years thus we have pre-built components and interfaces. Plus domain expertise in several industries.

Value for money

We get it right for the first time. Our unique methodologies enable us to deploy a functional AI pilot very fast and then gradually improve it.


Get inspired by our past projects in the domain. Check out our references to get a better image of the diversity of use cases.

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Marek Šebo
Founder & Solution Designer

Daniel Šemnický
Business development

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