Interview for Denník N

Podcast interview with Lukáš Hudec, AI Architect at Cognexa

  • why artificial intelligence is making such rapid inroads in the creative professions
  • why it is easier to generate images than text
  • how it is possible for AI to generate a sixth finger for a human
  • also how artificial intelligence is trying to mimic human attention
Interview for Denník N

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To us non-professionals, it seems that artificial intelligence is evolving significantly faster than we expected. Five years ago, no-one expected the possibilities we have today. Why is that?

It doesn’t just seem like it to the non-professionals, but also to us professionals. The technology has moved forward very quickly in the last 3 to 5 years. We started talking a few years ago about the fact that we have a lot of data from everything people post on the Internet, and some companies are able to take that data and create datasets from it. Thanks to them, there was a boom in artificial intelligence neural networks and we could start working on something. Now we are also being pushed forward by the race between companies and universities, which have poured huge investments into artificial intelligence. We also have much more powerful hardware on which we can train artificial intelligence.



27. February 2023 at 9:40

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