Mask Detector by Cognexa Takes the Media

We have developed AI technology that, when connected to a camera system, can evaluate whether a person is wearing a face mask or not and then react. The system offers many applications in public transport, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, airports – basically anywhere where security cameras are installed.

Mask Detector by Cognexa Takes the Media

At Cognexa, we specialize in artificial intelligence and also have extensive experience in automated image and video analysis, where we have already built a reputation. We not only develop the technology but act as consultants in this area. There are socially conscious people in our team who wanted to help in the fight against the coronavirus. We had a company brainstorming session and from the ideas we selected this one as the most beneficial for the company and started to implement it.

The use is relatively wide. Among public institutions, public transport means that have cameras installed can benefit the most from it. Other possible clients are grocery shops, banks, shopping centres or production factories, which, with the help of Mask Detector are able to stay open and produce even in times of epidemics.

There has been considerable coverage of this innovative solution in the media, with numerous articles highlighting the potential impact of the mask detector. Let us see some of best articles about our Mask Detector.

Techbox is writing about Cognexa

The mask detector can be used in a variety of settings such as airports, hospitals, shopping centers and other public spaces where it is important to wear a mask. Cognexa’s mask detector was developed pro bono to help combat the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The AI-powered solution is capable of detecting not only masks, but also other protective gear such as face shields and respirators. Cognexa’s mask detector has already been implemented in several locations in Slovakia, and the company is looking to expand its reach to other countries.

Dobre noviny notices that

Cognexa has already implemented the system in several locations in Slovakia, and is looking to expand to other countries. The system has received positive feedback from businesses and organizations that have used it, with many citing its accuracy and ease of use.

Pravda mentioned these facts about our Mask Detector.

The mask detector software developed by Cognexa can operate on a range of devices including smartphones, laptops, and security cameras. The software can detect not only if someone is wearing a mask, but also if the mask is being worn correctly over the nose and mouth. The system can generate reports and analytics, providing useful data to businesses and organizations about compliance with mask-wearing policies.

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