Cognexa podcasts

Watch something extra from Cognexa. We were hosting medical and life sciences experts in our podcast studio. Listen and learn how AI can help medicine and life science.

Cognexa podcasts

Watch our podcast #1 with doc. Mudr. Štefan Korec, PhD., a clinical oncologist with almost 50 years of experience in Slovakia and the USA.

At the beginning of the seventies he introduced cancer immunotherapy in Slovakia. He continued his research in tumor immunology at the National Cancer Institute of the USA in Bethesda. At Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., he completed his qualification and later also worked as a teacher. After returning to Slovakia and founded the National Cancer Institute, which he lead intermittently for 10 years. In the USA he founded his own oncology center. He is currently starting a project of the National Cancer Institute focused on the use of digitalization and artificial intelligence in the oncology patient management.


Watch our podcast #2 with Ing. Lenka Cermanová, a trained biochemist.

For several years, she was working in the field of digestive problem solving, genetic analysis of the microbiome, nutrigenomics and prevention of diseases of civilization. She the co-founder of Symptomedica, a specialized clinic where she also works as a nutrigenomist.



22. September 2022 at 10:46

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