Mask detector

Our software system analyzes the data input from cameras and camera systems and automatically detects, whether or not the passing people are wearing facial masks or other protective equipment. Upon recognition, the response of the system can be used to alert the person directly on the spot
(e.g. by a message on a screen or light signalling), notify the security personnel (e.g. through a security software interface) or produce another kind of automated response.



Artificial intelligence ensures people's safety

Wearing a facial mask is considered to be an important preventive precaution regarding the coronavirus fight. Preventive precautions have already been adopted by many authorities or private companies. Checking compliance with these precautions might be difficult unless using a reliable automatic detection system. 
Mask Detector is the specialised software system designed to prevent further contagion from the coronavirus. It can be further utilised to monitor the level of preventive precaution compliance and can be used to model the pandemic progression prediction more accurately.

In three simple steps, Mask Detector ensures that only fully protected people enter the premises:
  • Analysis of the data input from cameras and camera systems.
  • Automatic detection of facial masks and other protective equipment. 
  • Alerting the individual and the competent authority.

System benefits

  • Health protection - Early detection and reporting of non-compliance and possible disease spread.
  • Compliance monitoring - The system also serves as a data collector for the needs of authorities - detecting and counting the number of people without wearing protective equipment in buildings or public areas. 
  • Data acquisition for pandemic progression modelling -Obtained data about the use of protective equipment can serve to predict the pandemic progression more accurately. 

The system is designed for

For all organizations interested in automatic control of protective measures 

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In accordance with the GDPR, Mask Detector does not verify the identity of a person.

Windows/Linux OS
Image processing and analysis is performed within the device
The system is compatible with most camera systems

Custom technology solutions

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